Tracy Arrington

For almost 10 years, Tracy Arrington's signature style of beauty…“you are beautiful just as you are”… is what has made Tracy Arrington’s jewelry unique and irresistible. She believes well-crafted designer jewelry should be accessible to all and does not have to be made from solid gold for every woman who wears it to look and feel beautiful.

Featuring an array of inspiring materials, all her jewelry is crafted by hand, one piece at a time, to your exact specifications. Her designs have dozens of details and steps that have to be mastered to create a finished piece we are proud to sell. Her jewelry is all made in America and her trusted long-term vendors allow her to source many of her raw materials from right here in the USA as well.

She believes in making a difference in the lives of her artists, creating opportunities for them to excel and to build a better life. Her team of highly-trained, talented artists are passionate and dedicated to creating a quality, hand-made piece of jewelry that brings you joy. They love what they do and thrive in an environment that supports their success.

Tracy Arrington is a female founded and run company. She hires single moms whenever possible, offering flexible schedules and an opportunity for professional growth. Giving back to her community is an essential part of our identity. She support many charities but focus the bulk of our support on St. Jude’s Children’s Research Hospital.

“My hope is that wearing your jewelry everyday will bring you joy and a sense of pride that your support is helping to change the world for the better.”

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