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Linda Macdonald

Linda was always creative as she grew up, with inspiration all around her in the form of textiles. Her father worked for a thread company and her mother was and still is a keen seamstress with a beautiful embroidery hobby. Although her creativity started with fabrics and wool, this quickly turned to sketching her stunning surroundings in Cardross, Scotland where she grew up. Her village is a beautiful place set in the country with plenty of walks, woods and wildlife around - it is an inspiring place to live.

She had always painted and sketched as a hobby, and through her school years this developed further leading on to studying at the Glasgow School of Art. Linda began with an interest in drawing, painting and illustration, but she also had the opportunity to explore Jewellery as part of her first year. Making jewellery allowed her to explore telling stories through a wearable piece of art which she loved, hence the journey then changed to studying Jewellery and Silversmithing, graduating in 1996.

She set up a workshop almost straight away and began to develop and create her first jewellery collections, taking inspiration from nature and romance. The business developed and gained a loyal following throughout the UK.

Linda now lives with her husband - who also works in the business - and their 2 beautiful children (and of course their lovely dog Merlot!). She has found that in recent years, becoming a mother has helped her to gain fresh inspiration. Seeing the world through the eyes of her children has been wonderful, igniting childhood memories and storytelling. Unraveling and exploring the beauty of wildlife and nature has been key inspiration for recent collections. So, she has her children to thank for paying special attention to the small and magical scenes in nature found all around us.

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