Winston Gamble

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Salt Lake City, Utah

“As a self-taught artisan, working from the studio in my home, I predominantly design in sterling silver and karat golds. I perform all aspects of the design and manufacturing process. The techniques used in my work include fabrication, lost wax casting, etching, roller printing, stamping, forming, and forging. When incorporating stones and gems into my pieces I look for the rare and the unique.

My work is influenced by the shapes and forces of nature, and the play of light, texture, and movement imparted to the metal by the methods employed in its fabrication. Other inspirations include the myths and legends of ancient cultures, symbolism, primitive art and the spiritual.

I was born in Salt Lake City and raised in the Intermountain West. I began making jewelry in high school, but my interest in jewelry design really began when I helped display a private collection of Southwest and Native American jewelry at Westminster College in 1975. I attended the University of Utah Art Department in 1977-1978 before diverting my energy to the restaurant business. Since the Spring of 1988, I have devoted full time effort to my artistic career.”