Todd Reed

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Boulder, Colorado

Todd Reed has been designing jewelry for over 20 years, and he has spent his life immersed in a life of art and high craft. His mother, a renowned commercial illustrator, ensured that Todd’s childhood was filled with creative work: painting, drawing, and making things of beauty and functionality. What caused Todd to self-train as a goldsmith and jeweler, and what led him to his enduring passion for raw diamonds? An experience when he was ten years old:

“While on a family vacation in Bisbee, Arizona, I saw a working silversmith and it forever changed the way I viewed design and my life,” recalls Todd. “I watched in awe as this man turned sheet metal into body adornment in what seemed to be a very short time.”

Todd had been moving around Colorado for some time, drawn to a lifestyle that allowed him to stay closely connected with nature. In 1996 he settled in Boulder, where he built his first shop and began to design jewelry for individual collectors. Since that time he has built his organization to include 16 master jewelers, all creating jewelry designed by Todd and in close collaboration with Todd.

In 2010 when Todd outgrew his industrial design/distribution space, he built a retail showroom and studio space on Boulder’s Pearl Street. Because Todd’s design aesthetic extends to every area of his life, from the home he built to the bikes he rides, his work space is also a dramatic statement of his design vision. The Pearl Street Studio has become a destination for Todd Reed collectors from around the world, a place for celebrations and gatherings, thoughtful dinners, and innumerable private design sessions.

At the heart of every success is his beautiful, high-quality jewelry. All of Todd Reed’s pieces are hand fabricated and finished in 18k gold, palladium, platinum, and silver in his Pearl Street studio. Todd’s primary focus now is continually creating new designs and managing the business, but he still sets aside time to work at his bench, particularly on his hotly collected signature brooches, of which he makes only 12 per year.