Robert Grey Kaylor

  Sterling Silver and steel band  Pave-set diamond with steel nail head and sterling silver ring group

Diamond drop earrings     Chand sapp drop earr 150dpi  Oval Link earrings gold sapphirre 150dpicey sapp taper drop earr wb 150dpistl cuff single brn dia 150dpiDate Nail Pendent w dia 150 plaindpi Green Turq Realsteel neckpiece 150dpi

Boise, Idaho

Robert began making jewelry over 35 years ago, initially as a hobby.  He soon discovered that it was his passion, and he has been making jewelry and learning new techniques ever since.

REALSTEEL™ began as a jewelry line when Robert was inspired by a competition featuring designs from past decades.  It was at that time that he discovered the various modern uses for railroad date nails, steel cabinet keys, and antique square-head nails and spikes. His jewelry is created using recycled steel pieces with diamond and precious stone accents.  The jewelry has been popular with men and women alike, and new designs are continuosuly being perfected.

In July of 2011, Robert was named New Designer of the Year at the JA New York Show. Since then, he has been busy creating new designs using various gemstones and precious materials.

Each piece of REALSTEEL™ jewelry is made by hand in the studio, which is located in Boise, Idaho.